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Purchase a Lavish Luxury Residence in Jade Ocean, Miami

Do you wish to live in a lavish oceanfront luxury home? In this present era, the luxury condominiums situated in the popular beachfront locations have redefined the way people perceive luxury living. These beachfront luxury properties have enabled people to enjoy a highly sumptuous coastal living experience. Today, the oceanfront luxury condos have gained a great momentum among the condo buyers all over the world. These luxury condos are very popular among the investors as well as end-users who enjoy living in Miami. Thus Miami became one of the most popular world destination for the oceanfront real estate properties which offer a wide range of luxury living facilities also enable people to remain well-connected to the important city areas while still enjoying the coastal lifestyle. Such excellent variety of features makes these luxury condos the topmost desirable luxury real estate properties around the globe.

The beautiful beaches with warm tropical climate and pleasant atmosphere are the most attractive travel destinations all over the world. The establishment of the luxury condominiums in the beautiful beachside destinations has turned the oceanfront travel locations into a highly sophisticated luxury residential area. In the recent times, the popular beachside locations are flourishing with many attractive luxury condominiums. One of the most outstanding luxury real estate properties that attract a huge number of condo buyers around the world is the Jade Ocean in sunny Isles Beach. The Jade Ocean condominium is a 51-storey high tower that offers 256 spacious residences, which are all exclusively designed and decorated. The units of these magnificent luxury condominiums offer a range of top-of-the-line amenities to the residents. So, if you are desirous to obtain an exclusively designed luxury home, then the Jade Ocean condo should be the perfect choice for you.

Nowadays, people looking for vacation homes or investment properties are getting highly attracted towards the beautifully constructed beachfront luxury condos. The Jade Ocean condominium located at 17121 Collins Avenue is one of the most preferred places for the condo buyers looking for luxury beachfront vacation homes or investment properties. So, if you are looking to purchase a lavish luxury beachfront residence, then you should consider buying a unit in Jade Ocean, Miami. The residences of this luxury condominium offer several top-notch ranges of amenities that offer a lavish oceanfront lifestyle to the residents. People residing in the luxury units of this condominium offers several splendid high-end amenities like:

1.  Floor-to-ceiling windows offering panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean

2.  Modern kitchens with state-of-the-art appliances

3.  Capacious balconies

4.  Oversized terraces

5.  Master bathrooms with infinity-edge whirlpool tubs

6.  Spacious walk-in closets

7.  Units equipped with inbuilt smart home features, which enables control of the lighting systems, etc.

8.  Access to business center, children’s rooms, health club, community rooms, etc

9.  Round the clock private valet services

10.  Covered parking facility

11.  Spa services

12.  Access to private beach club with poolside café and cabanas

Why Should You Go for Jade Ocean to Enjoy an Opulent Beachfront Lifestyle?

The beachside holiday locations are the most popular travel destinations in the world. Millions of tourists every year visit these places to enjoy their vacations with their friends and families. Most of the time, it is seen that people enjoy the beachfront lifestyle and the fun-filled outdoor activities that the beaches offer to them.  The serene and peaceful ambiance of the beaches gives people an eternal feeling of contentment and happiness. It acts like a balm and has a soothing and calming effect on the tired body and soul. Furthermore, the natural beauty of the beachside locations is something to cherish and for all these reasons, people love to spend their quality time on the beaches, close to the mighty water bodies.

There are countless beautiful beaches in the world, and the Sunny Isles Beach is one of the most famous beachside locations that are widely popular all over the world. This beach city is not only famous for its natural beauty but also for the wide range of luxury real estate properties that this beach offers to the property buyers. There are a plenty of luxury properties that have been constructed on this beach and have adorned this beautiful beach more beautifully. Jade Ocean is a magnificent luxury condominium that is located on the Sunny Isles Beach and is considered as one of the most popular condominiums in this area. This condominium is a perfect choice for those buyers, who are looking for an ultimate luxurious abode in a heavenly beautiful location.

This luxury condominium is situated in a perfect location, wherefrom the residents can enjoy the closeness to the ocean, as well as can reach the important areas like Fort Lauderdale and downtown Miami in just a few minutes. Also, hospitals, schools, business centers, night clubs, shopping centers, etc. are not far away from this place. Jade Ocean Miami offers a number of luxury amenities and facilities to the residents, making their stay in this condominium as comfortable and lavish as possible. This 51-story high condominium offers 256 grand units, which are splendid in their interior designs and furnishings. The units are spacious and come with all the modern residential features and amenities that every condo buyer becomes impressed to avail.

The world-famous architect and designer, Carlos Ott, has given the magnificent and splendid appearance to the building, making it the favorite of every condo buyer. The building offers extraordinary and opulent features and the units are available in different sizes, making it possible for the condo buyers, having different requirements and budgets, to afford the units.

Looking for an Excellent Beachfront Property? Buy Jade Ocean Sunny Isles!

Luxury oceanfront condos in Miami are becoming more and more popular among investors and people who just want to live that kind of lifestyle. The warm climate and the white sandy beaches are always a favorite destination for many people who enjoy it. One of the most popular oceanfront-community in N. Miami Beach is a fairly new town called Sunny Isles Beach. This city is only about 35 blocks, but it packs a punch – there over 30 brand new condos situated directly on the ocean and the real estate market here is booming! This is a very popular place for buying real estate properties and so there are many well-diversified communities of buyers here – from South America, Europe, Russia, China as well as others. There are also several real estate companies who are dealing with real estate properties in the Sunny Isles Beach.

Among some of the top luxurious condos on the market today, buying a unit in Jade Ocean Sunny Isles, which is considered one of the top luxury building in Sunny Isles, is a statement. Jade Ocean offers all imaginable amenities and services. The building also offers an excellent service.

The 51-story high condominium, offering 256 units for sale is a perfect choice for a luxury beachfront residence. The location of this property is one of its most highlighted features. The location is a very posh one and the unsurpassable beauty of this location has resulted in its huge demand among the property buyers, all over the world. So, if you want to buy a unit in Jade Ocean for sale, you should make hurry and contact the real estate companies that can offer you the best deal.

Buying a unit in Jade Ocean can be a great future investment as well. The value of this property is going to rise high in the near future, so, if you buy a unit in this condominium now, it will certainly be a great and profitable decision. If you are looking for an investment property, you may buy a unit and rent it to the tenants; or if you want to buy a beachfront, vacation property to spend the vacation lavishly, in utmost comfort, then also, Jade Ocean is the best choice.

Jade Ocean Is Offering Beautiful Units with Impressive Features

The city of Sunny Isles Beach offers several high-end luxury oceanfront apartments which are available for sale. This is a favorite place for the up-scale condo buyers as this gorgeous beach city offers a large variety of options for condo-buyers to choose from and find the best luxury residences.

Among the numerous luxury condominiums, Jade Ocean is one of the top condominiums in the Sunny Isles area. This luxury condominium, with its modern, all-glass structure and magnificent in appearance offers top-notch amenities which wins the hearts of the residents and the prospective condo buyers. This condominium incorporates all the luxury residential features that every condo buyer expects to get in a luxury condominium.

The location of this condominium is very apt and it is just few minutes away from most Miami’s and Fort Lauderdale attractions. The residents can enjoy the gorgeous city life, as well as the blissful oceanic ambiance by residing in Jade Ocean Sunny Isles. This lofty condo tower is 51-storey high and offers 256 units with extraordinary residential features. The units are spacious and are available in varying sizes and prices. If you want to buy a unit in this lavish condominium, you may contact the various notable real estate companies, which are offering units in this condominium for sale.

The awe-inspiring structure of this magnificent condominium is designed by the well-known architect and designer, Carlos Ott. Right from the exterior appearance to the interior design and décor of the building, as well as the units, everywhere, there is a touch of luxury, elegance, and beauty. Jade Ocean, Miami, gives aesthetic pleasure to the visitors and onlookers at the very first sight and residing in this condominium is like living in a blissful, paradisal world of luxury and comfort.

The building’s features and amenities are remarkable and provide utmost satisfaction to the residents. The lavish three-storey lobby at the entrance of the building is highly impressive and it also offers amazing views of the great ocean. A private beach club along with cafes and cabanas is there to offer relaxation to the residents. There are beautifully designed infinity-edge pools and a splash deck for the kids. The building also features a well-equipped fitness center, covered parking areas with full-time valet services, 24/7 security and concierge services, elegantly designed conference rooms, etc.

Every unit features smart home technology, large and beautiful terraces, floor to ceiling glass windows, large walk-in closets, etc. The kitchens have branded kitchen appliances, granite countertops, etc.; the bathrooms have marble flooring, luxury bathtubs, designer faucets, etc. All these and many more impressive features and amenities are offered to the residents in Jade Ocean, and they enjoy a satisfying life in this gorgeous condominium.


Jade Ocean Offers Extraordinary Features, Luxury Amenities and Impressive Services to Its Residents

If you are looking for an oceanfront condominium that offers the best residential facilities and an opulent lifestyle, then Jade Ocean is the best choice. This luxury, beachfront condominium is located on the Sunny Isles Beach, directly on the Atlantic Ocean. This is one of the all-glass structure designed by one of the most foremost architects of our time – Carlos Ott. The soft, warm breeze of the Atlantic ocean, and the smooth, white sand of the Florida beach will certainly win your heart. The appearance of this condominium looks like fine art, a master peace design impresses every visitor and resident. The location of this condominium is such that all the major areas and attractions of Miami are just a few minutes’ drive away from this place.

Each and every unit in this luxury condominium is spacious and beautifully finished, furnished and decorated. The units are designed and decorated according to the tastes and preferences of the modern-day condo buyers. The features and amenities of Jade Ocean, Sunny Isles are highly advanced and designed, as per the requirements of the urban lifestyle and the liking of the urban residents. The services offered at this luxury condominium are extraordinary, and the residents get thoroughly satisfied with these excellent services. Let’s have a look at the building’s features, amenities and services:

1. A private, lavish beach club with cafes and cabanas, where the residents can relax and get refreshed

2. A three-storey lobby, which is lavishly decorated and offers amazing views of the Atlantic

3. Infinity-edge pools all around the building for the residents and guests to enjoy and relax

4. Large terraces offering spectacular views of the beach, ocean and the surrounding landscape

5. The kids can enjoy on the beautifully designed splash deck

6. The vehicles remain secured in the covered parking areas with 24-hour valet services

7. A 24-hour business center

8. Private dining rooms

9. Community and media rooms

10. The residents can stay fit and fine with the help of the well-equipped fitness center and health club

11. High-speed elevators

12. Air-conditioned resident storage facilities

13.  Inbuilt smart home technology in every unit

14. Spacious balconies, from where the residents can enjoy the stunning views of the ocean

15. Large walk-in closets, where the residents can keep their apparels and accessories

16. Washer and dryer

17. The kitchens are decorated with granite countertops, imported cabinetry, glass cabinets, branded and modern kitchen appliances, etc.

18. The bathrooms are splendidly designed and decorated with European faucets and fixtures, large vanity mirrors, whirlpool tubs, etc.

19.  And many more

Many well-known real estate agencies are offering units in this magnificent condominium for sale; and if, you are interested in buying a unit in this luxury condominium, you can contact these real estate agencies. You may also visit their websites to know more about this beautiful, luxury condominium.


The Great Life in Jade Ocean

There are many super-popular resort-like destinations all over the world. These places are famous for their natural as well as man-made beauty; and are visited by tourists throughout the year. It is seen that, most of the luxury condominiums are located in these places, due to high demand from investors and end-users. These cities and metropolis’s have cosmopolitan culture and people from all over the world come here, and easily get alone with one another. People, who look for residences, both temporary and permanent, prefer these luxury condominiums, which are located in some of the most desirable places, such as the ocean, lakes, golf courses or downtown Miami.

The beach front locations serve as the most ideal location for the construction of luxury condominiums. It is because the beaches are not only naturally beautiful, but also offer an exciting, joyous and at the same time very peaceful lifestyle, which naturally attract people and makes them want to stay there indefinitely. The luxury condominium Jade Ocean is located on the most glamorous beach in Miami, the Sunny Isles Beach. One of the most reputable real estate company in Miami – One Sotheby’s International Realty is offering an opportunity to invest in one of the most sought after properties – the fabulous condos of Jade Ocean for sale. It is one of the most magnificent and desirable condominiums in the Sunny Isles Beach area, and its palatial structure and spectacular appearance attract the attention of the onlookers. This monumental tower is designed by the famous architect Carlos Ott. The lifestyle in this condominium is extraordinary and regal, and the residents get to enjoy a life, fit for a king.

The units in this condominium are large and richly designed and decorated that ideally suit the polished, urban lifestyle. All the important places in Miami and the surrounding areas are easily reachable from this location, and thus, the residents remain close to the beach as well as the bustling city life. The amenities and residential facilities that this condominium offers are simply outstanding and can certainly impress any kind of buyer. The features include – a private beach club with a café and cabanas, a lavishly decorated three-storey lobby at the entrance, infinity-edge pools, round the clock concierge, valet and security services, splash deck for the kids to enjoy, large terraces, well-equipped fitness center and gym, community and business centers, laundry facilities, and many more.

The amenities that the units offer are – smart home technology, spacious balconies for the residents to sit and relax, floor to ceiling glass windows; imported faucets, glass-enclosed walk-in showers, whirlpool bathtubs in the bathrooms; granite countertops with stainless steel backsplashes, Sub-Zero appliances, imported cabinetry in the kitchens; large walk-in closets to keep clothes and accessories, washer and dryer, and many more.

Buying a unit in this condominium is a profitable investment for the future, as the location of the property is very desirable and the price is going to increase in the near future. Please contact Sunny Realty office at (305) 998-9922 to schedule private tour of the complex.

To Live in Luxury, Live in Jade Ocean

The most extraordinary condominiums are usually located in the exotic locations of the world. The pristine beaches with warm tropical climate, the glittering water, the clear blue sky, the gorgeous surrounding views, all these add to the beauty of these luxury condominiums and enhance their desirability. There is a huge demand of the luxury condominiums among the buyers, and so these are getting sold out faster. The amenities, which were not imaginable in the past decades, are now very much available in these luxury condominiums; and they certainly make these condominiums the ultra-modern homes.

The Sunny Isles Beach in South Florida is a favorite spot of the tourists as well as the condo lovers. Recently there has been an in-flack of luxury condos in Sunny Isles Beach due to 55-story zoning directly on the sandy beach. Among the various luxury condominiums in the city of Miami, the Jade Ocean in Sunny Isles beach is a very popular one. This condominium offers an ideal lifestyle full of luxury, comfort and sumptuousness to its residents. All the important areas of Miami and South Florida are easily reachable from this place, and thus making this condominium more desirable. The building is amazing in its outer appearance with a ravishingly decorated interior, and the units are equally splendid.

The facilities, features and amenities that are available in this condominium are unsurpassable. The opportunity of enjoying the oceanfront lifestyle is provided to each and every resident in each and every unit of this magnificent condominium. Let’s have a look at the outstanding facilities and amenities that Jade Ocean, Miami provides:

1. A private beach club with a café, restaurant and cabanas

2.Three-storey lobby with floor to ceiling glass walls offering gorgeous views of the Atlantic ocean

3. Infinity edge pools, pool bar

4. Splash deck for children

5. Fitness centers, gym and spa

6. 24-hour security, valet and concierge services

7. Business meeting rooms

8. Large decorated terraces offering extensive views of the ocean and its surrounding areas

9. The resident can avail the latest smart home technology by downloading the app in their smart phones

10. Every unit has floor to ceiling glass doors and windows offering clear views of the beach and the ocean

11. The kitchens have glass cabinets, granite countertops, imported cabinetry, and modern kitchen appliances

12. The bathrooms are well decorated with marble countertops, European faucets, hot tubs and Jacuzzis, vanity mirrors, etc.

13. Washer and dryers

14. Large walk-in closets

15. And many more

All these wonderful amenities and facilities make Jade Ocean a place where people would love to spend most of the time of the day and if you want, you too can become a part of this. Jade Ocean does not offer only homes; rather it offers a whole new world of opulence and comfort.

For more information, or to schedule a private tour of Jade Ocean Sunny Isles, please call (305) 998-9922 or visit our website.

Jade Ocean Offers Oceanfront Lifestyle in Sunny Isles

Who does not want to live a life in luxury and in comfort? The answers are quite obvious. Modern condominiums offer just that. These days, luxury condominiums offer an excellent community living experience with all the great amenities and services, which make life a never-ending vacation. Most of the luxury condominiums are located in the top oceanfront  locations, at least in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida they do. The main reason is the unsurpassable popularity of the beaches as fabulous residential as well as tourist destinations. But besides the beaches the modern day condos offer the convenience of a metropolis city as well as tranquility of the best vacation spots in the world.

One of the most popular and sought after condominiums in Miami is on of the most luxury condo – Jade Ocean, Sunny Isles. Located on the most spectacular beach in South Florida, the Sunny Isles Beach, this luxury condominium is the ultimate blissful abode that anybody can ever wish for. Nothing can be more ideal than this location. One can easily access all the major areas within a few minutes’ drive from this place. The pristine white beach and the mighty blue ocean both are just a few steps away from Jade Ocean.

Once you combine top geographical location, top amenities and services, you get the best quality and demand that anyone can expect and thus quite naturally the price of the property will appreciate over the time, increasing the property value in the near future. So, if you’re on the market to purchase a luxury condo, don’t wait, make the move now and enjoy your undoubtedly profitable investment in the up-coming years. The architecture of the building was exclusively designed by the world famous architect Carlos Ott. Thus, it is needless to say that the appearance of the building is outstanding. Whatever you expect and imagine, you would find, and even more, in Jade Ocean.

Some of the extraordinary features and services that this condominium provides are:

1. Three-storey lobby offering wonderful views of the great ocean
2. Infinity edge pools
3. Round the clock valet, concierge and security services
4. A private beach club with a café offering refreshing beverages; and cabanas
5. Splash deck for kids to have fun
6. Meeting and conference rooms
7. State of the art fitness centers, and well-equipped gym

Each unit has some exceptional amenities, which include:

1. Each unit has an exceptional smart home technology – a touch screen device by which one can control the lights of the rooms, contact the valet, concierge and other services, even when away from the building.
2. Extra large terraces offering mind-blowing views of the Ocean and the cityscapes
3. Floor to ceiling glass walls
4. The kitchens are designed with European cabinetry, glass cabinets, granite countertops, stainless steel backsplashes, and Miele and sub-zero kitchen appliances
5. The master bathrooms are designed with imported faucets and fixtures of European designers, large vanity mirrors, and luxurious whirlpool tub
6. spacious walk-in closets
7. laundry services

Considering all the superb amenities and services, if you wish to purchase a unit in Jade Ocean in Sunny Isles beach, then you can see their websites and get further details, which can help you in fulfilling your wish.


Explore Some Hidden Aspects of Luxury at Jade Ocean

Jade Ocean in Sunny Isles Beach is an ultra-luxurious oceanfront condo which offers most luxurious amenities to it’s residents. Located at 17121 Collins Avenue, which right across from major shops, restaurants, banks and other important shops which make up the infrastructure of Sunny Isles Beach, Florida.

Location is always important when buying real estate.  Same goes for luxury condos as well – you’re always looking for better accessibility. In that concern, any residence on Collins Avenue will be the best choice. Collins Ave provides faster roadway communication which always makes a faster travelling experience. On the other hand, the two nearby airports namely Miami and Fort Lauderdale are always ready to make you reach at any corner of the world. So, if you’re in Miami you need to schedule a visit to Jade Ocean Sunny Isles and explore the world around it.

Being a resident at Jade Ocean buys you certain lifestyle. It’s oceanfront location of course provides first class beach enjoyment.  You get impeccable service which includes the lounge chairs, towels, café service and much more.  However, you can also enjoy all the pleasures of the modern metropolis and visit downtown Miami, South Beach, Bal Harbour, Fort Lauderdale or even Palm Beach.

The interiors of a condo are managed with expert hands and you can feel a luxurious touch for all the time. The condos are just like as you deserve. The architects and developers have well analyzed the common need and the same place is decorated with much expertise. There will be more and more space at the living rooms, luxurious kitchen amenities, whirlpool and marble flooring in the bathrooms, laundry and dryers, floor to ceiling windows, sensor based security and many more. So, you can better understand that taking the advantage of Jade Ocean for sale will be the best and lucky opportunity for your life to have a luxurious space at the oceanfront of Sunny Isles.

The common ground is decorated with swimming pool and spa, fitness center, gym, wine lounge, meeting place, music point and many more. After coming from whole day’s work, you will have a better experience of leisure at the same point and that is Jade Ocean. To get all of these leisure you have to make hurry. The availability is least and you will have to grab the chance of Jade Ocean for sale.  The online business listing of Jade Ocean will help you provide all the necessary information. Besides that, the consultation with an authorized realtor like Lana Bell will help you inform about the condo availability and some exciting price packages.

Jade Ocean-A Dream for the Luxurious Living

Since the beginning of this millennia, Sunny Isles Beach has experienced a real estate boom due to contraction of ultra-luxury hi-rise condominium towers. Among those is a true gen – Jade Ocean, which is already a landmark in Sunny Isles Beach. Let’s take a closer look at the various options Jade Ocean presents.

Situated at 17121 Collins Avenue, it is located exactly in the center of Sunny Isles Beach, right across from all major shopping centers, park, restaurants and attractions. This location allows easy access to both International airports, South Beach, downtown Miami as well Fort Lauderdale and the Palm Beaches.

If you are thinking to make Jade Ocean Sunny Isles Beach your home, you will get to love all the amenities this condominium has to offer. The surrounding infrastructures are developing in a faster way to meet the demand of today’s buyers. There are new, modern schools, hospitals, shopping malls, great restaurants, food markets as well as many other activities you and your family will surely enjoy. However, being directly on the ocean is something special and demands for certain lifestyle.

Another great option that Jade Ocean offers is the variety of the unit sizes. The units vary from 1 bedroom to an astonishing 5 bedroom penthouses. All units directly face the ocean and because the building is all-glass, it allows the views to be from anywhere in your apartment.

Jade Ocean is considered among the most luxurious newer condo towers in Miami. The core aspect of the architecture and what developers wanted to present to the owners is community living at it’s best with top-notch amenities. Some of the amenities include swimming pool, café, private beach club with cabana, valet service, advanced security system, fitness center, wine lounge and much more. The advanced inclusion of Jade Ocean app will make you enjoy all the operations and surveillance of you place when you are outside.

It is not only the pleasurable option that is installed at the common place, but the condo interiors also carry some appreciable luxuries. There will be more space in living rooms, floor to ceiling windows, terraces with sea view, advanced kitchen amenities, whirlpool tubs and many more. A centralized air condition system will always make you cool and fresh.

An authorized realtor and the online business listing of Jade Ocean will better provide the availability of condos and some exciting price packages.

Jade Ocean Sunny Isles – Why Buy a Property There?

Spell of Miami attracts more and more visitors and real estate buyers.  Even if you have visited Miami once, it sure has a long lasting effect on you, especially if you’re from up North or South America.

It’s kind of given, because Miami is regarded as one of the world’s top tourist destinations offering warm tropical climate along beautiful sandy warm Atlantic ocean. However, there are much more to Miami than just sun, sand and beach.  It’s history, dining, culture and nightlife are among some of the most vibrant in the world offering interesting history, charming sceneries, exotic restaurants in the picturesque ambience. Its multi-cultural fragrance, fine gourmet, scintillating nightlife are truly some of the best in the world.  Also, the unique, world-class real estate is making Miami highly attractive. Ocean-facing condos in Sunny Isles Beach for example are already among the top condos of the world, offering superb amenities, location and service.

Exotic setting and luxurious lifestyle of Sunny Isles indulge people wishing to have a home here, if not a home, at least a home on rent for a certain period. Upon looking for a property in this area, you would get to see many a buildings lining up across the beachside locations. Where Jade Ocean Sunny Isles would be making a distinction from the rest is its state of the art features inclusive of all necessary modern amenities. Their property features reflect the transformation that the conventional homes have undergone over the years and the magnificence that justifies the intense admiration that these new-age homes seem to easily inspire in viewers.

As you enter this Jade Ocean Sunny Isles property, you will come to see automation facility is everywhere. Get access to in-home touch screen which will allow you to contact valet, concierge, find places to shop, control the home’s lighting and much more. In order to ensure all residents can take advantages of all these modern amenities, free download of an app to smartphone or tablet is allowed for every one of them. The advantage of installing this app is that you can be having full control of all these activities even while you are away from the building. It’s truly said “life here is like living in future.”

Find a range of fantastic amenities. There is infinity edge pools all around the building, which also features an amazing three-story lobby, from where you can view the beautiful ocean. Residents here will be getting 24hr security, valets on duty round the clock, and a private beach club which has cabanas, café, and also a splash deck for the little ones to enjoy.

One thing about this property you can be proud of being an owner of a unit herein is its location. So ideally located this Jade Ocean property across the ocean is you can’t get to see another surpassing its value of grandeur and excellence in all of the South Florida, which is why demand for this property of Jade Ocean for sale is rising very high. In addition, those who want to commute between this city and Fort Lauderdale or Miami would find this place also ideal, because it is a short-drive between these places.

Exploring the Area around Jade Ocean

Jade Ocean was designed to be one of the finest residential condo properties in the US. While that does include high-end features, luxury materials and all the bells and whistles one would expect on property, it also includes the setting for this jewel of South Florida. Simply put, Jade Ocean sits at the nexus of everything you might want to see or experience, from shopping and dining to nightlife to exploring parks and nature.

Immediate Area

The immediate area around Jade Ocean is marked by pristine white sands and the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Step down from the pool deck and you’re surrounded by cabanas and sunshine, the ocean breeze tugging at your hair. However, the property is located in Sunny Isles, one of the most affluent areas in South Florida, and there’s plenty to do within a very short distance from home. True to its name, Sunny Isles is the Venice of America, Florida’s Riviera. The Pier is always worth a look, but the area’s history makes sightseeing a popular pastime as well.


If you’re in the mood for shopping, you’ll find that the Aventura Mall is within a short drive. Here, you’ll discover over 2 million square feet dedicated to retail stores and dining options. From high-end anchor stores to boutiques, there’s more to be seen here than you can accomplish in an entire day. You’ll also find that the rest of Aventura is ripe for exploration. There are numerous parks scattered around, including some of the finest dog parks in the state. There are also dining opportunities, nightlife and a great deal more to enjoy.

South Beach

Sunny Isles Beach is just a short drive north from South Beach, where you’ll find some of the most iconic neighborhoods in the greater Miami area. Explore SoFi, or head over to the Art Deco district. Head to the beach, or enjoy any of the many waterfront parks. South Beach is well known for its popularity with the jetsetter crowd, but there are also family areas and a great deal more to explore.


You’ll love having direct access to all that Miami has to offer. It’s an incredible place to be, from concerts and shows to shopping. There are many big things on the horizon as well – Brickell City Centre is already under construction and will feature the first Cinemex in North America (combining excellent dining with movie watching). Miami Worldcenter is also slated for construction, and will provide 17 acres of retail, nightclubs, bars and even a 1,800-room hotel, not that you’ll want to spend too many nights away from home if you live at Jade Ocean.

Life at Jade Ocean puts you right in the center of everything South Florida’s eastern coast offers. You’ll never lack for options, whether you’re a confirmed shopaholic or you want to take a deep sea fishing charter out to try your luck. A little bit more driving lets you reach Orlando, or you could head down to the Keys for the weekend, or even across to Tampa and St. Pete.


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