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6 Bedrooms for sale in Jade Ocean condo
3905/3904$3,950,000$1,0226/8/23866Mar 03, 2020A10826886
4 Bedrooms for sale in Jade Ocean condo
4404PH$4,500,000$1,0464/5/14303Jan 15, 2021A10983889
3804/3805$3,990,000$9154/6/24360Aug 26, 2019A10726447
4308$3,960,000$1,5944/5/12485Mar 29, 2016A10054413
4301$3,650,000$04/5/10Sep 10, 2020A10924939
3201$3,490,000$1,4044/5/12485May 30, 2019A10680382
3208$2,450,000$9864/5/12485Dec 10, 2020A10968750
3 Bedrooms for sale in Jade Ocean condo
2705$2,480,000$1,2833/4/11933Sep 05, 2016A10139688
4005$2,400,000$1,2423/4/11933Jul 21, 2018A10507177
4004$2,250,000$1,1643/4/11933May 22, 2020A10858141
2608$2,195,000$1,1223/4/11956Jan 06, 2021A10978506
1608$2,150,000$1,0993/4/11956Sep 04, 2020A10921389
1505$2,000,000$1,0353/4/11933Jan 08, 2021A10979703
2601$1,999,000$1,0223/4/11956Jan 11, 2021A10980550
2508$1,980,000$1,0123/4/11956Jun 25, 2019A10694709
1108$1,850,000$9463/4/11956Sep 25, 2020A10932106
2904$1,749,000$9053/4/11933Aug 11, 2020A10906000
1 Bedroom for sale in Jade Ocean condo
2107$1,250,000$1,0771/2/01161May 21, 2020A10862575
2206$1,190,000$01/2/10Sep 10, 2020A10901720
807$1,075,000$9261/2/01161Apr 22, 2020A10564164
2502$989,000$8521/2/01161Oct 28, 2020A10948753
1107$930,000$01/2/00Sep 18, 2020A10929253
2003$829,000$9661/2/1858Oct 16, 2020A10943611
1203$799,000$7331/2/11090Nov 05, 2018A10563833

Jade Ocean Is a Smart Buy

More and more homebuyers and investors are starting to look at just how beneficial Jade Ocean is as a property. While many have known this since the building went up in 2009, it’s still one of the most popular and in demand locations in Sunny Isles and with good reason. Let’s look at some of the top reasons that buying into this property is still a very smart decision regardless of what you want to do with the property.


A Good Value, but Rising Quickly

One of the things you need to realize about Jade Ocean is that while the value might be great to buy right now, the prices are going up. They have been for some time, and it is important for investors and homeowners to buy before the properties rise any further. While the prices will eventually settle, it makes sense to buy when you have the ability to get a unit at a lower price, naturally.


Many Options for Buyers at Jade Ocean

There seem to be options at every turn. First, buyers will have a number of options available when it comes to the types of units they decide to purchase. They are available in a number of different sizes and at different price points. In addition, once you have a property, you can utilize it in a number of different ways. Many who want to live and work in the area simply use it as a primary residence for pure luxury living. Others who are investing, or who only want to use the property part time will actually rent the unit out to others, making a profit while doing so.


The Building Offers Plenty of Fantastic Features Buyers Will Love

Jade Ocean For Sale

Of course, the building itself has many benefits and features that help to make it a very smart buy. The tower is right along the ocean, so right away, it has a great location that’s in high demand. In fact, location is one of the things that help to keep the prices up in the area. It also offers beautiful fountains, a grand lobby, common spaces galore, infinity pools, high speed wireless Internet access throughout the building, a valet, covered parking, and security to name just some of the features.


The units themselves also happen to be impressive thanks to the smart home technology, private elevator lobbies to many of the residences, floor to ceiling glass, large walk in closets, washers and dryers, and the finest fixtures and appliances.


From the pools to the concierge to the 24hr business center and everything in between, when you examine all of the features the building and residences offer, it is quite easy to see why Jade Ocean for sale is a smart buy today and why it will continue to be a smart buy well into the future. Those who are looking for a high quality property just need to speak with a realtor about finding a unit in one of the hottest towers in all of South Florida!


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