Smart Home Features of Jade Ocean

One of the things that help to set Jade Ocean apart from many of the other towers in the area is the type of features the units and the building actually offers. The building has a number of fantastic smart home features that make it truly a modern marvel that can take over a variety of tasks. The building features integrated technology that makes controlling many aspects of the home faster, easier, and even a bit futuristic! Let’s take a closer look at just what this type of technology is able to offer and how it can make living in and enjoying your residence even better.


The Power of Two Screens and Advanced Technology

You will have two screens through which you can control the technology in your home, making it easy to control and automate activities. The touch screen is standard for all of the homes in the building, and offers access to many different types of services at Jade Ocean. Some of the services it can access include requests for a valet, making reservations to the building’s common areas, notification of package arrivals, concierge services, information on area attractions, eateries, shopping locations, and much more. It also offers you the ability to control many of the items within your home, such as your lighting, audio in the kitchen, and can provide Internet access.


In addition to the touch screen integrated into the home, you can use a second screen on your mobile device, such as a phone or a tablet. When you have an app on this second screen, you will be able to access the building no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have an Internet connection. While this might seem like a small thing at first, it can be quite handy. You can have a valet ready to meet you when you come home. You can set your lighting just the way you like it before you walk through the door. The possibilities are nearly endless.


The technology offered through the building is quite impressive, and it really can help to improve the way you interact with your home, and it can certainly make things much easier for you. More and more buildings will likely be implementing this type of technology in the future, as it does offer the buyers so much more control.


Of course, having smart home technology is certainly not the only reason to consider buying a home at Jade Ocean. The building has a host of other features and amenities, such as a fitness center, restaurant, bar & grill, and more that make it a smart purchase. The units offer high quality appliances, granite and porcelain countertops, 10’ ceilings, and more that help to make the interior truly lovely. Of course, the building’s great location is yet another reason that Jade Ocean is such a popular choice amongst those who want to make South Florida their new home. The smart home technology is really just the icing on the cake.

Miami Condo Rating For Jade  Ocean Sunny Isles Beach
Condo Price Trends 100% 100.00%
Condo Assocation Stability 100%
Buyers Popularity 100%
Maintenance & Service 100%
Foreclosures & Short Sales 100%

The "Miami Condo Ratings" index is based on price trends, condo association stability, how popular and desirable among buyers, average days on the market to sell, amount of units available for sale in comparison to a total amount of units in the building, how well the building is maintained, amenities and services offered in the building, amount of short sales and foreclosures currently available for sale. Ranging from 0% to 100%, buildings with higher ratings are more stable, popular and desirable than buildings with lower ratings.


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