Jade Ocean Building and Area Statistics

You are in the market for a new home, and you are thinking about buying a property at Jade Ocean. The tower is one of the most popular in the Sunny Isles area thanks to all of the fantastic features it offers, not to mention the fantastic location and the ocean being just outside.


Basic Building Statistics

The 52-story building features 235 units. These units vary greatly in size, with the smallest being 858 square feet, and the largest being 4,303 square feet. The prices of the condominiums in the building vary as well. They can range from just under a million to more than seven million. The size of the unit, and the location of the unit in the building, will affect the price.


The actual number of units for sale varies on a monthly basis, but it is usually possible to find several for sale units of different sizes and prices that should be able to fit many budgets out there. Know what you want to buy, as well as how much you can spend, and then start looking at the options available in the building. Simply speak with a realtor to find out what properties are currently for sale, and determine where they are in the building to get a better idea of the views.


Area Statistics

The popularity of the Sunny Isles area is still growing, and the prices of units throughout Sunny Isles are still going up, though they are rising more slowly than they were a year or so ago. The number of sales seems to be increasing as well. In 2013, the area saw 387 condominiums sell, and this year appears to be on pace to meet or even exceed this number with ease. This is good news for buyers and sellers. It means that people continue to be interested in the homes in the area, so properties are selling quickly. However, there are more properties available for sale this year than in the past, so this could affect the price of homes in coming years. They could start to level off for some towers.


Average price per square foot paid:

Average price per square foot paid in 2019:
Average price per square foot paid in 2020:
Average price per square foot paid in 2021:
Average price per square foot paid in 2022:
Average price per square foot paid in 2023:
Average price per square foot paid in 2024:

Choosing Jade Ocean

However, when you look at Jade Ocean, it stands apart from many of the other options out there. The fact that it offers smart building technology, for example, is one thing that helps to set it apart from the other options out there right now, and is one of the elements that make it so popular.The design, the options in the units, the amenities in the buildings, and the location right on the ocean all help to make this one of the true standouts in Sunny Isles. It is certainly a good option for anyone who is looking for a property. Whether you are looking for a new home or an investment property, this could be just the option that’s right for you. Take the time to learn more about Jade Ocean and see what it can do to make you into a true believer!

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