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Consider Buying a Luxury Home in Jade Ocean, Miami


In this present age, the development of the high-rise luxury condominiums in the popular oceanfront areas has brought a revolution in the construction and real estate industry. These luxury residences offer a highly desirable oceanfront lifestyle that attracts a great number of investors across the globe. These condos come with top range of high-end amenities as well as spectacular ocean views. Miami has earned a reputation to be one of the hottest destinations in the world where you can find some of the most exclusive luxury residential properties. The striking structure of the Jade Ocean condominium attracts a great number of visitors and condo buyers around the world. This condominium resembles high aesthetics and splendid architectural structure that make this luxury structure stand out among all. Jade Ocean is probably one of the most popular condominiums for those who are looking to buy a luxury apartment in a beautiful beach location having top residential amenities in the world.

Today, the concept of luxury living is being redefined with the development of the beachfront luxury condominiums. Now, you can acquire a majestic oceanfront lifestyle by living in the luxury oceanfront condominiums. The Jade Ocean condominium in Miami is one of the splendid structures that offer a great range of high-end amenities making the life of the people highly luxurious and comfortable. This condominium offers a blissful community lifestyle to the residents that make the life in these luxury residences more pleasant and attractive. The lifestyle that these condominiums offer has raised the bar of luxury living, in the present scenario. If you choose to reside in these outstanding oceanfront luxury homes, then you will get to acquire a majestic coastal lifestyle that you might only have dreamed to obtain. The new and modern style of luxury living has made these beachfront luxury condos few of the most selling luxury properties all around the world.

The warm climate and delightful environment of the beaches make people desirous to reside in these beautiful locations. The luxury condominiums situated in the beachfront destinations has enabled people to acquire a lavish lifestyle in the shores of the beaches and enjoy the bliss of the location. The Jade Ocean condominium offers that blissful coastal lifestyle to the residents.  This condominium is one of the most selling luxury residential properties in Miami. People are willing to purchase a luxury home in Miami to invest in the luxury lifestyle that Jade Ocean condominium offers. So, if you have are on the market to buy a luxury home in Jade Ocean, Miami, then you should get in contact with a real estate agent who is specializing in this property.  This condominium offers easy commutable facilities to the major city locations for various metropolitan activities while still enabling people to enjoy the pleasant environment of the beaches.

Jade Ocean is an all-glass 51-storey high tower that offers 256 high-tech units, which are exclusively designed and decorated. Residents who live in this luxury condominium get to use top-notch amenities like private valet services, round the clock concierge services, 24/7 security services, access to beachside cafes and cabanas, state-of-the-art gym center, units equipped with modern lighting systems, capacious balconies, oversized terraces, spacious units, modern kitchens with state-of-the-art appliances, access to walk-in closets, master bathrooms with whirlpool tubs, spa services, and much more alike.

If you have been searching for an outstanding oceanfront property, you should consider Jade Ocean condominium. To purchase a high-rise luxury residence in Jade Ocean, please contact Leon Bell of Sunny Realty.

Why Should You Buy a Unit in Jade Ocean Sunny Isles?

Most people enjoy the sunny weather and the beach. Living in luxury, oceanfront condominium is even better. Combine it with such amenities like private beach, beach services, including a lounge chair, towels, restaurant, pool, gym, spa and top services from the staff will offer a lifestyle everyone dreams about. Sunny Isles Beach in South Florida is one of those places which is a popular tourist destination and also offers one of the best family-oriented, residential real estate. It is so popular because all condos are located directly on the sand along the coast of Atlantic ocean. It is considered one of the top places in US for comfort, convenience and lifestyle.

The gorgeous Sunny Isles Beach offers wide variety of luxury condominiums, which are architectural marvels as well as technologically advanced structures. One of the most beautiful condominium is Jade Ocean. This condominium is located directly on the ocean, amidst a serene and blissful ambiance.  Jade Ocean Sunny Isles offers many extraordinary amenities and services to the residents, making their stay in this luxury condominium, the most amazing experience of their life. The eminent architect and designer, Carlos Ott has developed the splendid, aesthetic design of this building. This magnificent edifice is like a shining jewel in the attractive Sunny Isles Beach.

This splendid edifice is 51-story high and the total number of units in this condominium is 256. The units are very beautiful and elegantly designed, and are available in different sizes and prices, giving an opportunity to the buyers to choose units as per their requirement and budget. Jade Ocean Miami is one of the finest properties in the entire Sunny Isles area. The building features some of the most astounding residential features and provides advanced amenities and facilities for an ultra-modern lifestyle.

The highly impressive residential features of this condominium are as follows:

1. At the entrance of the building, you will find a stunning three-storey lobby
2. There is a private beach club with a  café, cabanas, as well as a restaurant
3. State of the art fitness center
4. Spa services are also available
5. Beautiful infinity-edge pools are there with poolside bar
6. Round the clock valet on duty
7. 24-hour security and concierge services are available
8. There is a splash deck for the little ones to enjoy
9. And much more alike

The amenities and features available in the units are as follows:

1. Every unit features the smart home technology, which the residents can avail also by downloading the app in their smartphones
2. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows and capacious terraces that offer mesmerizing views of the Atlantic and the surrounding areas
3. The kitchens are designed with glass kitchen cabinets, granite countertops, Sub-Zero kitchen appliances, etc.
4. The bathrooms are decorated with quality faucets and fixtures designed by European designers, luxury bathtubs, etc.
5. And many more

Why Should You Consider Buying a Condo in Jade Ocean Sunny Isles?

The new, modern, luxury condominiums around the world nowadays, offer some of the most elaborate features, services, and amenities. Most valuable condominiums are located directly on the ocean and offer private beaches, often with private restaurants, as well as other services. These are often most attractive modern structures as well as technologically and architecturally sound structures. Today, Miami offers some of the best new condominiums in the world and one of the most popular new-construction condos site is in the very well-known Sunny Isles Beach area. This area was built in a very short period of time, basically in the new millennia. Today, Sunny Isles Beach is also known as “the billionaire’s row” because so many high-end condos are here.  Some of the best known brand-names in condo construction are here, such as Armani, Jade, Regalia, Trump, Turnberry and more.

One of the most eye-catching structures in Sunny Isles Beach is condominium, Jade Ocean. Carlos Ott, who is known to be one of the best architects in the world, has designed this majestic condominium. The aesthetic design of this condominium is one of its most notable features that has made it a favorite of the condo buyers. Jade Ocean Sunny Isles is 51-floors high and the total number of units this condominium offers is 256. The spectacular appearance, and the extraordinary exterior and interior design and décor of this great tower, earn the appreciation of every visitor.

The fantastic location of this condominium is one of its main features. Downtown Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and all the important areas around the Sunny Isles Beach are easily reachable from this location, making this condominium an excellent option for the condo buyers. Jade Ocean, Miami, is one of the most beautiful luxury properties in the Sunny Isles area, and the property’s value is going to rise more in the future, and thus, it can be a very profitable investment property. If you are looking for a luxury residence in the Sunny Isles area, then you should consider buying a condo in this lavish condominium.

The residential features of this condominium are outstanding and are worth mentioning. Smart home technology is available in each unit, providing a futuristic lifestyle to the residents. The building is surrounded by beautiful infinity-edge pools. The gorgeous three-story lobby impresses every visitor with its rich décor. The residents can enjoy at the private beach club and get refreshed at the cafes and cabanas. There is a splash deck for the children to have some fun. Covered parking areas, car wash, and full-time valet services are available as well. Security services are very impressive, and round the clock concierge services are also available.

The units come with a large number of luxury features and amenities. They have large floor to ceiling glass windows; spacious walk-in closets, providing enough space for keeping clothes and accessories; extra-large terraces offering spectacular views of the Atlantic and the lovely beach. The kitchens are decorated with glass cabinets, Sub-Zero kitchen appliances, granite countertops, etc. The bathrooms have beautiful faucets and fixtures designed by European designers, luxury bathtubs, marble flooring, etc. And many more luxury amenities are available in this magnificent condominium.

Get the Pleasure of Living a Glorious Life in the Splendid Condominium, Jade Ocean

Every person wants to live a life full of splendor, luxury, and comfort. This is a very common desire of people and today, the luxury condominiums offer opportunities for people to fulfill this desire by living in these condos. The lifestyle in a luxury condominium is pleasantly very different and the residents get the chance to taste the flavor of all the luxuries and comforts of life by residing in the luxury condominiums. If you visit the Sunny Isles Beach in Miami, you will get to see several luxury condominiums situated on the beach along the coastline of the Atlantic. One of the most beautiful luxury condominiums that are located on the Sunny Isles Beach is, Jade Ocean.

The fabulous location of this luxury condominium makes it more popular and desirable to the condo buyers. The wonderful, lavish residential features and facilities of this condominium impress the condo buyers to a great extent, and every visitor desires to buy units in this beautiful condominium. The famous architect and designer Carlos Ott has designed this magnificent edifice and the stunning outer appearance of the tower is a prominent feature of this majestic condominium. If you want to buy a unit in Jade Ocean, Sunny Isles, you may contact the well-known real estate companies that are offering the units in this condominium for sale; also, you may visit the websites of these real estate agencies to know about the luxury amenities, and features of this condominium.

The interior decor of this 51-floor luxury condominium is very eye-catching and the units are spacious and lavishly decorated and furnished. The interior and outer decor and design of Jade Ocean, Miami can impress any kind of condo buyer, and make the visitors and onlookers admire and appreciate the beauty of this luxury condominium. The residential features, services and amenities of this luxury condominium are equally impressive and highly satisfying. Let’s take a look at them:

1. The units are spacious and every unit has inbuilt smart home technology with the help of which, the residents can contact the valet, concierge and other services and control the room’s lighting, find places to shop and dine, etc.
2. Lavishly decorated three-storey lobby offering beautiful views of the ocean
3. The building is decorated and surrounded on all sides with infinity edge pools
4. A private beach club with restaurants, café and cabanas
5. The kids can enjoy on the splash deck
6. The building offers spacious terraces from where the residents can enjoy the fantastic views of the ocean and the surrounding area
7. The units have floor to ceiling glass windows
8. The bathrooms have supreme quality faucets and fixtures, beautifully designed by European designers, designer bathtubs, etc.
9. The kitchens have glass cabinets, Sub-Zero stainless steel kitchen appliances, granite countertops, etc.
10. Capacious walk-in closets for the residents to keep clothes, shoes and accessories
11. A washer and dryer
12. And many more

Life in this amazing condominium is like a never-ending joyful holiday. By living in this luxury condominium, you can enjoy all these superb facilities and amenities and feel like the most fortunate and happiest person in the world.

Why Jade Ocean Condo Offers Great Deals?

A condominium is a residence which you own just like you own a private house. However, condos offers a community living usually with a great location, like oceanfront, as well as great luxury amenities. Jade Ocean at Sunny Isles beach has acquired both the qualities. At first, it has got the stunning location of 17121 Collins Avenue and on the other hand there is an engagement of some expert architects and developers. So, it will not be absurd to say that Jade Ocean will be the gem like foundation among the available condo towers at Sunny Isles Beach.

Most of the condo lovers coming to the oceanfront search for a vacation property as they are not familiar with the place entirely to make a purchase. Besides that, enjoying a holiday vacation also deserves a better luxurious residing place. Jade Ocean has been prepared for both residential and vacation property and if you are searching for any, do not get late. The availability of the condos is least in comparison to the demand.

Jade Ocean has well managed an appreciable outer view along with a sophisticated interior. The advanced marble flooring throughout the palace has brought a delicious touch of moving and residing. On the other hand there will be private elevators to help you reach at your own condo with much more security. You may have heard of almost all of the luxurious features those are available in other condo towers at Sunny Isles beach, but there are still some exception that has made Jade Ocean Miami quite different from all.

The interior of a condo has got more supplementary space for a flexible living, floor to ceiling windows, laundry and dryers, latest cooling technology, modular kitchen options with advanced grilling, wider terrace with garden facility and many more. So, are you going to miss all of these? After getting outside of the condo, there will be outdoor pool with temperature controlling, fitness center and spa, wine lounge, private beach, additional parking lot, gaming zone, music point and many more. All these amenities are managed by the expert architects that you can enjoy everything at the right time and at the right moment.

All these delicious inclusions are available just at your affordable price. For more information regarding exciting price packages and availability of the condos, the online business listing of Jade Ocean will better help you out. There are also some expert realtors available to assist you making the best choice of a luxurious living at Jade Ocean.

Buying a Property at Jade Ocean Sunny Isles Beach

Why is Jade Ocean getting so much attention? What features are attracting potential property buyers? Until you see the amazing 55-story all-glass tower, you wouldn’t understand why it is so popular…

However, every buyer has something to admire about this property.  Many, who chose Jade Ocean often say that buying a condo there was the best decision they had ever made.

Its aesthetic design and appeal will stun you. It has visually stunning exterior of the building and the appearance of this contemporary building is one of the things that will attract a number of potentially buyers to the property.

What you will see inside the building will stun you even more! Inside of the building, you will find “smart home technology”. Residents of this building will have access to an in-home touch screen, which will enable you to contact the valet, concierge, control the home’s lighting, and find places to shop and even order food from a local grocery store.

Residents here will also be able to download an app to their Smartphone or tablet. This will allow them to access variety of services even while they are away from the building. Living in Jade Ocean condo will give you a feel of living in the future.

Find a range of fabulous amenities in the property. This property offers infinity edge pools, amazing three story lobby from the ocean side, so you’re always seeing the ocean when you enter the lobby.

Residents of this building don’t need to worry about the security, because they will get 24/7 security, besides valets on duty round-the-clock and a private beach club which has cabanas, a café and even a splash deck for the little ones to enjoy.

There are many more compelling features of this Jade Ocean Miami property which you will surely love. For instance, find in this building onside gym, a state of the art fitness center, which offers cardio equipment and weights. That means you will get the return on your investment. Top of all, the value that you will get will be enormously satisfying.

However, it is the location that is one of the biggest and best reasons to choose a home at Jade Ocean Sunny Isles. Apart from being located in the heart of Sunny Isles, its short distance to Miami and only a quick drive north to Fort Lauderdale.

Living in this Jade Ocean Miami building will give you an impression of dual life – a resort like lifestyle on the beach and a vibrant city lifestyle in the center of best of the best Miami has to offer.

These are just few of the reasons which may inspire you to buy a Jade Ocean Property. There are much more which you will discover once you visit it.

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