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The High-Tech Residences of Jade Ocean Are Available for Sale

Luxury residential properties located nearby the beaches are in high demand from the end users as well as investors word-wide. Most of the times, buyers look for beachfront condominiums which are newer structure and provide top features and amenities. Everybody wish to acquire a spacious condo with a great ocean view as well the splendid lifestyle and to own a lavish oceanfront property. Jade Ocean is an oceanfront luxury condominium structure that is a perfect choice for people looking for luxury beachfront residence in Miami. Situated in the gorgeous Sunny Isles beach, this luxury edifice is the top preference of the condo buyers and investors all over the world willing to buy luxury properties in stunning destinations.

The Sunny Isles Beach is the topmost residential area for newer luxury residential properties and offers some of the most exclusive luxury condominiums. In this area, there are many exclusive luxury condos that are in high demand by the investors and end users. The Jade Ocean condominium is one of such marvelous beachfront properties that offer amazing range of top-notch amenities to the residents enabling an extremely lavish oceanfront lifestyle. This condominium is one the most advanced residential properties in the entire Sunny Isles area and is the most preferred destination of buyers willing to invest in luxury properties. Furthermore, the market trends of luxury real estate properties is rapidly changing and are constantly experiencing increase in valuation, which makes investing in these properties highly lucrative for the people. The Jade Ocean condos are currently experiencing a high demand among the condo buyers all over the world. You can easily get the Jade Ocean residences available for sale. People, who aspire to purchase a property close to the beaches, should consider opting for Jade Ocean condominium.

Jade Ocean for Sale

The residences in Jade Ocean are considered ideal luxury properties, which have high value and demand in the current-day real estate market. So, if you purchase an apartment in this luxury condominium, it will certainly be a lucrative investment for the future. Investors are looking for such properties, the market valuation of which is going to increase in the near future and Jade Ocean is the optimum property to invest, from every aspect. If you are interested in purchasing a luxury residence in Jade Ocean, then you should visit the websites of the reputed real estate companies and check out the availability of Jade Ocean condo for sale. You can also obtain details about the prices, purchase process, etc., of the residences of Jade Ocean from the well-known real estate companies that are offering this luxury properties for sale.

The Jade Ocean condominium is a 51-storey high condominium tower that offers a high-tech lifestyle to the residents. The units of this condominium are equipped with smart features that make life of the people extremely luxurious and comfortable. Each of the units of this condominium is equipped with smart home technology features that enable people to control the in-residence activities with just a simple screen touch. This feature facilitates people to acquire a smart technology-friendly lifestyle. Other than the smart home feature, the units of this condominium offer top-notch amenities like floor-to-ceiling glass windows offering panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, modern kitchens with state-of-the-art appliances, master bathrooms, spacious rooms, well-furnished rooms, etc.

Jade Ocean is a high-rise luxury condominium that offers top-of-the-line residential amenities like all day concierge services, round-the-clock security services, access to beachside cabanas and cafes, well-equipped fitness center, walk-in closets, spa services, and much more alike. So, if you are on the market to purchase a lavish oceanfront property, then consider getting in touch with the on-site sales agent of Sunny Realty – call Leon Bell at (305) 998 9922.

Buying a Unit in Jade Ocean Condominium Sunny Isles Beach?

Are you interested in investing in the oceanfront luxury residential properties? In the present era, the luxury condominiums have gained a great momentum among the condo buyers around the world. The popularity of the luxury condominiums situated in the beautiful beachside destinations is mainly due to the range of amenities these luxury residential properties have to offer. South East Florida is well known for introducing luxury condominiums which have gained a momentum and have been most popular selling real estate properties around the world. In fact, the real estate market in Miami area has been booming and the properties have seen quite an appreciation over the years, especially the luxury condominiums.

The evolution of luxury oceanfront condos in the high-rise buildings have redefined the way people enjoy the luxury living. Beautiful beaches in a tropical climate are usually the most attractive travel destinations to people. However, with the emergence of the luxury condominiums, these destinations have turned into a highly desirable residential area. The Jade Ocean condominium in the Sunny Isles Beach is one of the magnificent luxury real estate residences that attract a great number of condo buyers around the world. This 51-story high condominium tower offers 256 spacious units that are exclusively designed and decorated. If you want to acquire the best luxury home buying experience, then consider getting in touch with the well-known realtors for buying a unit in this condominium.

Today, the direct oceanfront locations have become the home for the most exclusively constructed luxury condominiums. One of the popular beachside locations that have turned into a hub of the beautifully constructed luxury real estate properties is the Sunny Isles Beach. The Jade Ocean condominium located at 17121 Collins Avenue is one most spectacular condominium tower that features unique aesthetical facilities and top-notch amenities. You can easily obtain the units in Jade Ocean available for sale. The residences of this condominium tower offer a lavish oceanfront lifestyle to the people by providing some of the best residential and apartment features and facilities to the people. The residents of Jade Ocean obtain a pool of splendid features and amenities, such as:

1.  Full-time concierge services

2. Private valet services

3.  All time security services

4. Access to private beach club with poolside café and cabanas

5. Access to business center, community rooms, children’s rooms, health club, etc

6. Spa services

7. Covered parking facility

8. And much more alike

The splendid units of Jade Ocean enable people to experience a futuristic lifestyle with an outstanding range of facilities like:

1. Floor-to-ceiling exterior glass walls

2. Modern kitchens with state-of-the-art appliances

3. Advanced lighting systems

4. Capacious balconies

5. Oversized terraces

6. Spacious walk-in closets

7. Master bathrooms with infinity-edge whirlpool tubs

Why Should You Invest in Jade Ocean Miami?

Are you currently on the market to invest in a luxury oceanfront condo in a perfect location? There are many beautiful beaches in the world and most of them serve as great travel destinations. However, Sunny Isles Beach in South Florida offers great residential complexes which were recently built and most of them are truly ultra-luxury in design, amenities, features and services.

There many visitors to the area year-round, however this area is not only a vacation spot for tourists. This is a highly desirable residential area with many families living here throughout the year. There are many high-rise condominiums, penthouses and single family homes in Sunny Isles Beach. The real estate boom started around year 2000 and has been continued today. Thus, Sunny Isles Beach is one of the best places, where you can find wonderful oceanfront properties.

Jade Ocean is an oceanfront resplendent condominium tower located at 17121 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach. This 51-story tower is the home to 256 residents and the units in this tower are lavish, elegant, and beautifully designed and decorated. If you want to get the best home buying experience, then you should buy a unit in Jade Ocean Sunny Isles. The units in this lavish condominium tower are available for sale and it can be undoubtedly said that this is one of the best residential properties one can find in Sunny Isles Beach.

Many investors are buying oceanfront properties because it is excellent investment which appreciates over the time and yields great assets. For this reason, the demand for oceanfront luxury properties is so high all over the world. If you are looking to buying a home in Jade Ocean, Miami, then you should contact a local real estate company, like Sunny Realty which offer Jade Ocean apartments for sale.

This amazing property has been designed by the world-renowned architect and designer, Carlos Ott, and thus, you can be totally certain that you are buying one of the most beautiful and splendid luxury residences in the Sunny Isles.

The spectacular residences in this condominium include some of the very best amenities that make it possible to experience a futuristic lifestyle. The residences feature floor-ceiling exterior glass walls and capacious open terraces that offer panoramic views of the vast Atlantic and the extensive surrounding areas, automated lighting control system, European cabinetry and Miele and Sub-Zero appliances in the kitchens, high-end designer faucets and fixtures, infinity-edge whirlpools in the bathrooms, spacious walk-in closets, and much more alike.

Furthermore, the residents can enjoy full-time concierge and valet services, front desk and security services. A private beach club with poolside café and cabanas is there. Business center, community rooms, children’s rooms, health clubs, spa services are there as well.

Why Contemplate Buying Jade Ocean Property for Sale?

Luxury properties located directly on the ocean have always been and will always be high in demand in any part of the world and any real estate market. Most of the time, the modern condominiums that are built on the ocean are very luxurious with all the latest features and amenities. Living in condominium communities creates a specific lifestyle that is very desirable among people who are looking for such lifestyle. One of the most luxury condominium, Jade Ocean, is a perfect picture of an ideal beachfront luxury community. Located in the gorgeous Sunny Isles Beach, this luxury property is a favorite of the condo buyers, who come from all over the world in search of luxury properties located in the stunning locations.

In the Sunny Isles Beach, there are many luxury condominiums and beachfront residences that have high demand in the real estate market and thus, the real estate market is developing rapidly in this area. Because Jade Ocean was built several years ago, there are few offering Jade Ocean properties for sale. Those who want to purchase a stunning residence directly on the Atlantic ocean, should consider Jade Ocean in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. This is a high-rise condominium, rising 51-stories high and offers only 256 luxury residences all with direct ocean views.

The apartments in Jade Ocean are considered ultra-luxury properties that have high value and demand in the present-day real estate market. So, if you are on the market to buy a unit in this luxury condominium, it will certainly be a profitable investment for the future. Condo buyers look for such properties, the value of which is going to rise in the near future and Jade Ocean is an ideal property to invest, from every aspect. If you are interested in buying a unit in Jade Ocean, you can visit our website – www.jadeoceansunnyisles.com and check the availability of Jade Ocean apartments for sale. You can also find out about the current prices for different units, the purchase process, and get the details like the floor plans for all the apartments in Jade Ocean.

This beautiful, luxury condominium is designed by the eminent architect and designer, Carlos Ott, and the palatial structure of this great edifice is certainly one of its many striking features. The units in this condominium are available in various sizes and their prices are also varied. And so, you can choose an apartment in Jade Ocean as per your preference, requirement, need, and budget.

To Reside in Ultimate Luxury and Comfort, Go for Jade Ocean

The luxury condominium, Jade Ocean, is one of the most magnificent condos in the Sunny Isles area, and the lifestyle that this condominium offers to the residents is lavish, highly impressive, blissful, and very comfortable. Located on the Sunny Isles Beach, this condominium offers a sumptuous and highly desirable beachfront lifestyle to the residents, and from their residences, the residents can enjoy the mesmerizing views of the glorious beach and the endless ocean. The natural beauty of the Sunny Isles Beach is matchless and this magnificent condominium enhances this beauty to a great extent.

Designed by the eminent designer and architect, Carlos Ott, this condominium is certainly, one of the most beautifully designed, splendid looking condominiums in the entire Sunny Isles area. The units of Jade Ocean Sunny Isles offer a lot of space for the inhabitants and the interior décor of the units are sure to impress and earn the appreciation of the condo buyers. If you are interested in buying the units of Jade Ocean, you may contact the real estate companies, which offer the units of this condominium for sale.

This imposing condo tower is 51-story high and offers 256 capacious units with all the luxury residential features and top class amenities for the residents to enjoy a comfortable and lavish living in the condominium. Many real estate companies are offering the units of Jade Ocean for sale. To get more details regarding the condo features, units, prices, etc., visit the websites of these notable real estate companies. The closeness to the mighty ocean, the exciting beachfront lifestyle, the grandeur of the condominium, the proximity to all the important places and attractions of Miami – all these facilities make this condominium very desirable to the condo buyers.

The features of this building are fantastic and the amenities and services offered to the residents impress them thoroughly. At the entrance, there is a gorgeous three-story lobby. This palatial condominium offers a private beach club, which has cafes and cabanas for the residents to relax, enjoy, and spend their leisure time.  There are infinity-edge pools around the building that make the edifice look more stunning. The residents can avail valet, concierge, and security services 24/7. Inbuilt smart home technology is there in each and every unit. The residents can enjoy the outstanding views of the surrounding area from the large, very well-decorated terraces. The units have floor to ceiling glass windows, the kitchens have Sub-Zero kitchen appliances, glass kitchen cabinets, granite countertops, etc. In the bathrooms, the residents get top-quality faucets and fixtures made by European designers, luxury bathtubs, etc., and many other amenities are there.

So, to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in a beachfront condominium, in the pleasant oceanic ambiance, buy a unit in Jade Ocean and make every day of your life as beautiful and pleasing as a reverie.

Jade Ocean – Offers the Best Lifestyle with Superb Amenities

If you are on the market to buy a property in the Sunny Isles Beach area, then Jade Ocean is something to be considered and is a very good choice. The luxury condominium, Jade Ocean, is one of the most desirable condominiums in this area and the units in this condo tower are very popular among the investors as well as end-users. So, if you want to purchase a unit in this condominium, you can examine the listings available for sale, rent as well sold history and statistics to learn more about this building as well as different investment strategies. You will find all the luxury amenities and facilities in this condominium and even much more than what you expect.

The great tower is designed by the famous architect and designer, Carlos Ott. The structure of this condo tower is splendid and the exterior and interior designs are all glass and looks very modern from the outside. The appearance of this 51-storey, glass structure is highly impressive and it is a dream residence to every condo buyer. Jade Ocean, Miami, offers 256 beautiful and spacious units for sale. All the units have elegant furnishings and the interior décor is stunning. There is a magnificent six-storey waterfall at the entrance of the building.

In addition, the location of this condo is in the heart of Sunny Isles Beach, directly across all major shopping plazas. Being situated directly on the Atlantic ocean, this condo offers private beach and a restaurant to it’s residents.  Being located in Sunny Isles Beach, it offers major attractions of the city, the famous shopping areas, being close to the international airports, business centers, night clubs, etc.

You may learn more about units at Jade Ocean for sale. If you are interested in buying a unit, you can contact Leon Bell of Sunny Realty at (305) 998-9922 or visit our website below.

When people buy units in a luxury condominium, they expect to get various luxury amenities and services, which can make their life more beautiful and blissful. In Jade Ocean, you will find several top-class features, residential facilities, and services that will certainly fulfill all your expectations. The building features a stunning three-storey lobby at the entrance. For the residents to enjoy and relax there is a private beach club with cafes and cabanas. The infinity-edge pools are beautiful and splendidly designed. There is the availability of covered parking areas for the cars, with round the clock valets on duty. The residents feel secured with the presence of full-time security. The residents can stay in shape with the help of well-equipped fitness centers.

In every unit, there is a wireless, touch-screen monitor with the help of which, the residents can access different services, such as valet, concierge, room services, etc. There are large terraces that offer amazing views of the surrounding areas. The floor-to-ceiling windows enhance the appearance of the units. The kitchens are spacious and offer granite countertops, European cabinetry, glass cabinets, Miele and Sub-Zero kitchen appliances, etc. The bathrooms have whirlpool bathtubs, European faucets and fixtures, marble floors, etc.

There is the availability of one, two, three and four-bedroom units in this lavish condominium for sale. The units are highly desirable and by residing in this luxury condominium, you will get to enjoy the opulent lifestyle that everyone desires.

Feel Blessed with a Luxurious Life, by Living in the Luxury Condominium, Jade Ocean

If you like beaches, then you must have the desire to own a beachfront property. The luxury condominiums that are located on the beautiful beaches around the world are the best beachfront properties that one can own. You may stay in these luxury condominiums permanently, or you may keep them as vacation properties, and stay there with your family and friends during the vacations. The lavish and wonderful lifestyle that you get in these luxury condominiums is unparalleled and matchless, something that you cannot expect to get anywhere else.

The Jade Ocean condominium on the Sunny Isles Beach in Miami, is one of the most beautiful and popular luxury condominiums in the Sunny Isles area. The Sunny Isles Beach serves as the ideal location for these condominiums, as this place is extremely beautiful and well-connected to all the notable places in Miami. The famous architect and designer Carlos Ott has beautifully designed the building and the structure and design of the edifice are undoubtedly one of the best in the entire Sunny Isles area. There are various reputed real estate agencies that offer the units of Jade Ocean for sale. If you are desirous of buying the units you may contact these well-known realtors.

The amenities and services offered in this condominium are outstanding and the residents feel contented and pleased by getting these astounding facilities and services. At the entrance of the building there is a three-storey lobby that offers great views of the ocean; a splash deck for the children to have fun; the residents can enjoy in the infinity-edge pools; there is a private beach club with a café and cabanas, where the residents can refresh themselves; full-time concierge and security services; covered parking areas, car wash and valet services; fitness center and gym, which help the residents to stay fit and fine; meeting and conference rooms are also there; and many more.

The units are spacious and have a variety of luxury amenities, such as smart home technology, an in-home touch screen device, which allows the residents to control the room’s’ lighting, contact the valet, concierge and other services, find places to shop, etc.; the terraces are large and offer beautiful views of the ocean; floor to ceiling glass walls; the kitchens have designer cabinets, European cabinetry, granite countertops, Miele and Sub-Zero kitchen appliances, etc.; the bathrooms have imported faucets, large vanity mirrors, whirlpool bathtubs, etc.; large walk-in closets for the residents to keep clothes and other accessories; laundry services are also available; and many more.

All these amazing features, amenities and services make Jade Ocean, one of the most desirable luxury condos in the entire Sunny Isles area. The residents get to enjoy all kinds of luxury residential facilities by living in this magnificent condominium.

Taste the Flavor of Luxurious Living at Jade Ocean

Condominiums offer a luxurious living along with a friendly community, great service and amenities. However, one of the most important aspect of finding best condominium is the location. Location is probably one of the most important factor to be considered when buying real estate. Residential areas could be very different – some condos are located in tourist attraction areas, while others are located throughout the metropolitan areas, and only the most exclusive one’s are located directly on the beach. People, who intend to purchase units in the luxury condos, often look for certain exceptional features and amenities which can ensure a highly comfortable and easy living.

Jade Ocean condominium is one of those condos that offers direct oceanfront location, top of the line amenities and an award winning service. Located on Collins Ave in one of the most stunning city’s in Miami – Sunny Isles Beach. Although it’s a residential area, it is also popular among many tourists who visit this place from all over the world to get a glimpse of the glamorous beach life in Miami.  This location offers shopping centers, business centers, night clubs, restaurants, and everything else major cultural city offers. However, the most striking feature of Jade Ocean is its appearance. This grand edifice is designed by the well-known architect Carlos Ott. This 54 storey building has a stunning all-glass structure, which would immensely impress anybody who would look at it.

Those who are interested in purchasing a place in a luxury condominium are getting a golden opportunity, as there is availability of units in Jade Ocean for sale. The units are also available for vacation rentals. So, if one desires to have a touch of the blissful lifestyle of the Jade Ocean, then he may stay there during vacations on rent.  Before buying, one would like to consider the awesome facilities and features, this condo provides. From this location, that is Collins Avenue, one can easily reach both the international airports of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. This condominium offers some exclusive amenities to its residents, which are beyond the imagination and expectation of the general public. Some of the features are:

1. Smart home technology
2. In-home touch screen which allows the residents to contact the valet, concierge, control the home’s lighting, find places to shop, and many more
3. Twenty four hour valet on duty services and concierge services
4. Infinity edge pools
5. Pools with astounding three storey lobby facing the vast ocean
6. Private restaurants, cabanas, café
7. A splash deck for the little children
8. Private beach club
9. Well equipped fitness centers and gym
10.And many more

The price of this property has been increasing from year to year. To know more about the Jade Ocean condo for sale, you can visit the detailed website dedicated just to this building – www.jadeoceansunnyisles.com. Please go through all the details, statistics, reviews, suggestions that are present there and take the decision accordingly. After considering all the features, location and outstanding services in  Jade Ocean, every person would agree that Jade Ocean is the embodiment of uniqueness,  comfort,  and luxury.

Utmost Luxuries of Jade Ocean are Just at Your Reach

Smart home technology is well expected today in all modern residences. This is why Jade Ocean has all the bells and whistles when it comes to advanced home technologies. This project was managed by expert developers and architects and this is why it is one of the most popular places to live in today. Situated at 17001 Collins Avenue in Sunny Isles Beach it offers a great location which produces maximum convenience of living in a modern city.

Jade Ocean Sunny Isles property is probably one of the most sought after addresses by full-time residents as well as snow birds from around the world. However, to learn more about the building you can simply get on-line and view currently available condos for sale, rent sales history, floor plans, statistics and much more!

The most stunning technology Jade Ocean offers is the touch-screen which is available in your apartment which makes it possible to access valet, concierge and even shop the local stores without living your condo! Jade ocean app will help accessing all your home activities even when you are away from home. These are some of the better luxurious options and sophisticated touches available at Jade Ocean.

Like all other condos, Jade Ocean has also managed a common place for leisure where you will find swimming pool and spa, fitness center, gym, wine lounge, private meeting hall and many more. The larger ground can be used to operate events and ceremonies.

The tower of Jade Ocean offers some fantastic amenities and in that concern you will find infinity edge pools along the building. In the interior, there will be more space in the living room, floor to ceiling windows, in built washers and dryers, advanced air conditioning, whirlpool in the bathrooms, sensor based security system and many more. The installed features will always be at your finger tips when you need them.

To know more about the condos of Jade Ocean for sale, you can check our online site which is dedicated only to that building. There is also availability of expert professionals who are experienced in the field of real estate. You can easily contact one of them to explore some hidden strategies for buying a condo.

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